Earn through reading

Let`s unlock the potential of spoken words via storytelling by Stories, Your Quotes, Poetry, Shayari, thoughts, Comedy, Messages, Knowledge, or by recording videos with background music, do live talk in live video chat.
On Nojoto, you can share:
💬 Quotes & Thoughts
📜 Poetry
📝 Stories
😔 Shayari & Ghazal
😂 Stand Up Comedy
🗣️ Spoken Word & Live Talk
🙏🏻 Wishes
😎 Knowledge & Opinion
🖐️ Workshop & Interview
🔴 LIVE Video Chat
🎙️ Podcast
🎬 Cinema
🔮 Astrology
🥊 Health & Fitness
🔴 Live Chat & Live Talk
📲 Status & Stories
Nojoto Features:
Do Live talk & video chat with your friends and enjoy live talking on a video chat call. You can do live video streaming & earn money from your talent via virtual gifts too in your live streams be it live video or live audio. You can Make Friends Online via live chat on live shows & do video chat. Talk to people about life, and life-related topics. Connect with people via live chat with both live video and live audio.
🎤 Live Talk with Live Video Chat
Just like the Tengo and Tango apps, you can watch live shows, access live video and audio, play live quizzes and live games, and talk live with your friends and followers. Connect and chat with writers, poets, storytellers, artists and content creators on Live Video
📹 Live Video Calls
The Nojoto app is used for live video calls and live chat with friends during live shows. Your followers can join your live video and talk to you live, and can also chat with you via comments.
🎥 record video with music game
Nojoto is the best recording app for recording videos with music in the background and adding effects to make your videos look and sound more interesting. You can record poems, stories, shayari, and more.
💰 make money online
Make money online from home by recommending the Nojoto app to your friends. Make money for you and your friends. Plus, you can earn money from your content by writing about your gift, speaking about it, and performing in live shows.
Nojouto is a writing app that allows you to write quotes on photos and images, add text to photos with effects, and share text on Twitter and SNS. Nojoto is called an app for authors.
Nojoto also shows your offer on his Google.
Nojoto lets you record video audio with background music and earn money from your content through virtual gifts. Nojoto is a community of writers, readers, poets, artists and content he creators.


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